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SoundCure Launches Serenade 2.0 Software for Tinnitus Treatment

SAN JOSE, CA April 2, 2013

SoundCure Inc. is launching version 2.0 of its tinnitus treatment software for the Serenade device in conjunction with the American Academy of Audiology's AudiologyNOW! conference this week in Anaheim, CA.

Initially launched last April, the Serenade® device is offered by hundreds of certified audiologists in 43 states, and has been helping patients with debilitating tinnitus ("ringing in the ears") to find relief. Serenade offers a form of sound therapy which includes S-Tones®, treatment sounds originally invented at the University of California that were supported by a grant from the American Tinnitus Association, and later commercialized in the SoundCure® Serenade device.

Serenade 2.0 enables audiologists and other certified hearing healthcare providers to more quickly and easily evaluate a patient's tinnitus, determine its unique characteristics, and program customized, patented treatment sounds onto the Serenade device, rapidly and efficiently. Multiple new features and enhancements have been developed, and test reporting and data-logging features have been optimized. A smooth user interface with new help text functionality makes Serenade 2.0 faster and easier to use for the clinician. In particular, an innovative way to quickly assess key aspects of the perceptual component of a patient's tinnitus has been implemented.

SoundCure CEO Bill Perry said, "There are millions of tinnitus sufferers in the U.S., and Serenade 2.0 gives our rapidly expanding network of certified hearing healthcare providers a better way to easily program the Serenade sound therapy device in the office for each unique patient. This enables better appointment flow in the growth of a practice and help in bringing relief to more tinnitus sufferers."

About SoundCure, Inc. Established in 2009, SoundCure, Inc. is a privately held medical device company whose mission is to revolutionize the treatment of tinnitus and provide relief to the millions of people suffering its effects. SoundCure is an Allied Minds company.