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Every day, more hearing health care providers are learning about Serenade® and offering it to their patients. Many of these patients have been suffering with tinnitus for years, struggling to find some way to manage their condition. Many hearing health care providers, eager to help their patients find relief, are pleased to have a new solution to offer. Here is what some audiologists and patients are saying…

It works. I tried everything and the Serenade works.

Matthew, patient, CA

This patient had an amazing effect with your device in our clinic! It was textbook perfect. No other masking sound was effective and your S-Tone made his tinnitus unnoticeable at such a low volume level that he wasn't even sure if it was on. It was quite exciting to witness.

S.W., Audiologist, IA

The patient showed significant progress during her treatment. She first presented with disturbing tinnitus and after the use of sound therapy, the perception of her tinnitus was less loud and less noticeable. Providing patient education in conjunction with using the SoundCure Serenade allowed for habituation of the tinnitus to occur.

K.R., Audiologist, FL

I still have been unable to contact my ENT. But this help is great. Its great you are out there trying to make a better life for people with tinnitus.”

S.E., patient, CA

I have a patient who has tried everything for his tinnitus. He's been using the Serenade for more than a year now and he sometimes uses ear level maskers too. He said this is the happiest he's been with any treatment that he's tried because he finally feels like he has control over his tinnitus.”

S.F., Audiologist, NY

I have had low grade tinnitus for many years. I could live with it because the ringing was not noticeable during the day and did not disrupt my sleep. About a year ago the sound intensity escalated. It was distracting during the day and I was not sleeping well. I had tried listening to white noise, nature sounds, music and the radio but nothing really helped, so I visited Dr. Greg Frasier to see what could be done. He tested my hearing and explained the current thinking on the causes exacerbated tinnitus as we age, the possible links to high end sound hearing loss and the brains reaction to the missing high end sound stimulus. Fortunately, a solution was also offered. He tried out tones, pitches and sounds to see if the ringing in my ears was affected and found that some actually diminished or stopped the ringing for a few minutes. The relative silence that followed these treatments was wonderful. The SoundCure Serenade device was set to these same tones and pitches, I tried it out and found it worked really well to diminish the ringing. It was and is a real life saver. I am still surprised at how much the intensity of my tinnitus fluctuates. When the ringing escalates to the point of distraction during the day, I use my Serenade device until the ringing diminishes. I can then fall asleep at night. Though the ringing never completely disappears, my SoundCure Serenade helps to manage it by significantly reducing the intensity of the ringing. I am very happy with the relief I've achieved.”

P.H., Patient, CA

Thank you for your advocacy and assistance. Let me say that I greatly respect you and your company & will be your advocate here in the combat veteran community.

M.H., patient, IN

I'm a long time tinnitus sufferer, and I've been using the Serenade device for several months. I love my Serenade. I don't know what I'd do without it. I think it has really empowered me because I know I will have a break from hearing my tinnitus when I use my device. Track 2 with the S-Tones gives me the greatest relief. Now I can go for hours at a time without even thinking about my tinnitus.”

P.M., Patient, MA

"The Serenade device works. I've been using the device for about 6 months, and my tinnitus has decreased a lot. There are days when I barely even hear my tinnitus at all."

W.M., Patient, TX

"I used to hear tinnitus about 90% of the time at a noise level of around 70%. This was before using the Serenade. I have suffered with tinnitus since 2007. I started using the Serenade in October 2012 for 4 hours a day: 1 hour in the morning, 30 minutes at lunch time and 2 hr 30 minutes at night. After 3 weeks the noise level dropped to about 40% and I was still hearing the tinnitus around 90% of the time. This lasted for about 5-6 weeks then the noise level increased again to about 60%. This stayed the same until the end of March 2013. Since March 2013, I dropped the use of the Serenade to 3 hours a day and since then there has been a steady decrease in the noise level to only about 20% and the amount of time I hear the tinnitus has decreased to about 20% of the time. more
In the last 3 weeks I have had days when I have not had to use the Serenade at all. For the last 6 days I have only had to use the Serenade for a total of one and a half hours. Some of the days I can hear the tinnitus but it is at a level that does not bother me. I cannot believe how much the tinnitus has decreased, I now feel that I have a lot better quality of life due to using the Serenade. My advice and experience of using the Serenade is to stick with it and be prepared to give it time to work. There were times during the earlier period of use that I did not think it would improve much more. How wrong can you be? I would say to anyone suffering with tinnitus to give it a try, you have nothing to lose but possibly everything to gain. Many thanks to you <audiologist> for your advice and help along the way.

P.J., Patient, Birmingham, UK

“The SoundCure Serenade therapy has been helpful to me since day 1. I would highly recommend it to others who suffer from tinnitus. It has a very calming, relaxing effect on me. The sensation that occurs with the therapy has lessened the aggravating edge that has been my 24/7 these past few years. The benefits include "forgetting" the sound in my head as well as sleeping better, more soundly with less wake-up. Remarkably it makes my conversations and television viewing easier. Somehow the device is helping me hear better with less effort. I have been using the unit for almost three months now and have been able to reduce the wearing time already to only two to three hours per day with sustained benefits. While having tinnitus is not fun, the SoundCure Serenade therapy amazingly makes it much more tolerable. I encourage others to have an open attitude and try it now! The results are delightful.”

S.N., Patient, CO

I want to say that your device has brought big time relief to me. I have been using my SoundCure for less than a month and it is wonderful. I went off my sleep pills to go to sleep at nite. My tinnitus was really really bad in my right ear. Thank you again.”

E.B., Patient, PA

I had a follow up appointment with the patient on Tuesday morning. He has been enjoying the device and seemed like a completely different person. He swears the tinnitus is healing itself and he knows he can completely heal it and be rid of it forever. He has decided to keep the device so I told him that after the tinnitus is gone he still has the device if it ever returns again. He is going to see a neurologist that specializes in acupuncture to see if that can help the tinnitus even more. He was very happy that we took the time to talk with him and took his complaints seriously. So overall, I say it was a success.”

L.H., Audiologist, IN

“My patients are often desperate and just the worst suffers of the bunch. I had a patient come to me after a 3 day stay at the hospital. He was admitted after a trip to the ER due to stress and anxiety because of his tinnitus. He has been using SoundCure for 2 weeks and feels he has his life back. I tend to get way WAY too attached to my patients so when his wife got kinda weepy so did I.”

M.B.,, Audiologist, OH

"I'd like to tell you about two patients I have recently seen. The first is a lawyer and was very skeptical of trying anything. He had significant loss in his ear that had tinnitus and said flatly that he was not interested in trying a hearing aid, he could get that anywhere, but simply wanted to treat the tinnitus. He started using it and received quite a bit of relief from the Serenade. more
He has also started using just a hearing aid by itself. He had said previously that any attempt at a hearing aid made his tinnitus worse, but now, since we have been managing his tinnitus, he is able to use the hearing aid to get amplification benefit as well.

The second patient came in today. He had a TRQ score of 101, so I was nervous about his candidacy. He listened to the Serenade I had previously programmed just to get a sense of it and immediately had relief using the broadband noise track. I could see him immediately relax and his demeanor begin to change. We programmed it custom to his tinnitus and he left the office listening to S-Tones (track) 2 finding that it was giving relief as well. I am hopeful that his long term prognosis will be positive."


J.W., Audiologist, WA

"I was in the Navy for over 20 years, working around aircraft and on aircraft carriers. At first my tinnitus was intermittent, but a couple of years ago it got worse. It sounds like a high pitched ringing, combined with a secondary scratching or TV static sound. I had been to a general practitioner and three ENT's. The general practitioner told me to go home and live with it. More "
One of the ENTs prescribed a nasal spray, and also told me nothing could be done. At one point I also tried acupuncture, and I follow a vitamin program as well. I think tinnitus requires a comprehensive program, and Serenade is the best thing I've tried so far. Now I teach high school and after a tough day my stress level might be higher and my tinnitus may be worse too. I use Serenade daily, especially in the evening. It's great - it lessens my sensitivity to my tinnitus and helps give me relief. While wearing it I can go about doing my work, reading or watching TV."

YL, Patient, PA

"When Dr. G. referred me for an evaluation for tinnitus I had reached a point in my life where I felt desperate to find some relief. My tinnitus was running my life. Some nights I would sleep two to three hours and many nights not at all. I was hives from my scalp to the soles of my feet from the stress caused by having the screeching in my ears 24/7. I could not stand to be in a restaurant or any place with background noise and was beginning to avoid socializing at all because I was so on edge from the lack of sleep and listening to the screeching in my head that had become so loud it was reaching the point of being unbearable. I had tried all the homeopathic remedies with absolutely no results. After my testing Dr. M. talked to me about Serenade and to be quite honest, it sounded like hocus pocus and I could not imagine it would do anything. But, with the free trial period I thought what did I have to lose? So I consulted with you and the device was ordered. I wore the Serenade four hours or more every day. Within weeks I did notice a significant improvement. more

I also found that using the device was soothing.To make such a large investment being retired and living on a fixed income was not something that I took lightly. But, after three weeks the improvement was so great, I was certain that I had really found an answer to my problem. I knew that I had to have Serenade even before the trial period was completed.
Since using Serenade only a couple months I am already experiencing totally quiet days. I sometimes have one or two days in a row when I have no screeching or ringing in my ears at all. I am once again sleeping peacefully every night and no longer avoiding social situations or places with background noise. In short, I have my life back once again. I still use Serenade several hours a day when I have any sign of my tinnitus. Serenade was the best investment I have ever made for my health. It truly has restored me to a normal life. I would highly recommend anyone who has tinnitus to give it a try. I don't know the science behind it, but I do know it worked for me and I found relief quickly."


S.Z., Patient, FL

“I'm seeing a patient who is one appointment away from completing his Serenade treatment. He is so very happy with his progress and his TRQ score went from a 32 to a 0 in 4 months. He said the "cricket noise" is very soothing and he can forget all about it while he's watching TV, or doing anything. He said this past week he went two whole days without hearing his tinnitus at all, for the first time in a year and couldn't be more grateful.”

A.W. Audiologist,, OH

“I just wanted to pass along some feedback from the patient we fit a few weeks ago. She came in to see me today and said that she can't live without her Serenade device. Before Serenade, her tinnitus interfered with every part of her life including her ability to concentrate when she was reading, which then impacted her work performance. Since using Serenade, she said not only can she concentrate better while listening to her device, but can more easily concentrate even when she's not using it. She feels like a different person. She said she doesn't know how she ever lived without it.”

D.T., Audiologist, IL

"I have a patient who previously tried the [music based sound therapy] and was still unable to find relief from his tinnitus. He was recently fit with the SoundCure Serenade and has noticed a reduction in his tinnitus while listening to the S-Tones. I'm looking forward to seeing if the Serenade helps him achieve habituation in the long term. So far, I'm pleased with the results."

C.D., Audiologist, TX

“Yesterday I saw one of my SoundCure patients. He wants to keep his SoundCure Serenade because his tinnitus is changing a lot, matching the sound of the Serenade, and it is more pleasant for him. He can sleep now.”

L.C., H.A.D., GA

“Back in October of 1969 is when I became an expert with the M-16 and I’m honored to wear that badge. But, the first day I shot the M16, I started to have a hissing sound in both of my ears. You really don’t know what it is like unless you have this disability. I have dealt with this disability for 43 years with no help from anyone. Well, yesterday was D-day and my new world opened up. The audiologist was such a professional during the evaluation. After fitting me with the SoundCure Serenade he saw tears in my eyes and asked me how I felt. I informed him that the world had just opened up and thanked him to no end for his help in giving me a new look at life. Twenty years ago I gave up on finding something to help me with my 24/7 tinnitus, but yesterday my new world became a reality. It's a miracle, and I feel like a new person.”

S.G., Patient, TX

"I recently became certified in Serenade by SoundCure. I had two patients who came to me for different reasons. The first patient had tinnitus which was impacting her life in a moderate to severe manner. She was unsuccessful in alleviating her tinnitus using other devices/methods. The second patient had a very significant case of hyperacusis in the presence of normal hearing. More

The first patient was a 67 year old female with a high frequency hearing loss. She tried hearing aids in the past to help mask the sound of her tinnitus but was unsuccessful. After three - four months of treatment using SoundCure she was extremely pleased to notice that her tinnitus was less noticeable and often times not present. Though her tinnitus hasn't completely disappeared our goal was to make it manageable and in the end she was extremely pleased with the results! She can go to sleep and work at her desk without the irritation and annoyance of her tinnitus. She continues to use the Serenade approximately 3 - 4 hours per day.

The second patient is a 31 year old female who was a very interesting patient. Her problem was hyperacusis to many sounds in her environment. It is not the loudness of the sound but the pitch that bothers her to the point of a melt-down. The main concern she had was with the motor sound of her refrigerator and with wind chimes she hears in her neighborhood. She actually returned 2 new refrigerators because of their sound and avoids walking or driving down streets where she knows there are wind chimes. Her hyperacusis impacts her life in a dramatic way. I fit her with the Serenade device and during the fitting process the patient cried with joy as she could finally could see her sensitivity to certain sounds during the fitting process. Once the device was programmed she left my office and has been wearing the device approximately 6 - 8 hours per day (she often falls to sleep with it). As she reported and her family has witnessed, she is a completely different person. When she is not wearing the device the sounds are more of a slight annoyance now whereas in the past they were crippling to her emotionally. She is happy that she has finally found relief for a disorder she has suffered with all her life.

I am extremely happy with the results my patients have had using Serenade and I will continue to recommend this device as a part of a overall Tinnitus Management Treatment."

L.S., Audiologist, NJ

“I fit my first Serenade device on a patient 3 months ago and he is doing great. In the first month he was using the device every day to help relieve his tinnitus. Now, 3 months later, he reported he is able to go 2-3 days without hearing or being bothered by his tinnitus.”

C.J., Audiology extern, CA

I wish I could turn back the hands of time. For the past 36 years I have counseled hundreds of people with tinnitus and always had to tell them there was little I could do to help them. The SoundCure program has allowed me to offer solutions to the patients who are often the most anxious for my help. It has been a very satisfying addition to my practice and one that I am finally glad to be able to offer.”

R.L., Audiologist, IL

“I just wanted to let you know that my patient that I fit in July was just in the office. She said that for the past month she has had 2-3 tinnitus free days per week! She looked much more rested and seemed happier and not so ‘depressed’ in a way. She has not been consistent in her use of the device, however she said that she has noticed that with more consistent use over the past 6 weeks it has made a huge difference.”

L.P., Audiologist, PA

"Our first Serenade patient is having lots of periods where he is not hearing his tinnitus at all. These periods can be for up to 30 minutes at a time. This weekend his tinnitus was the best that it has been for the past 18 months - although still there, it was so quiet that a lot of the time he wasn't aware of it at all. Of the 4 customised tracks, he uses Track 1 all the time. He uses the Serenade 4 hrs a day, more
broken up into morning, midday and evening: 1 hour before work, 30 minutes at lunch, and 2.5 hours on the way home from work in the evening. He now says that the ringing in his ears is only bad for only 1 hour a day! Overall he would say it's given him 15-20% reduction in his tinnitus, but last weekend it gave him at least 40% reduction. Not too bad for only 3 weeks into the treatment! This is way above our expectations. We would normally expect to see a slight improvement in the first few weeks, gradually getting better and better over the next 6

S.H., Audiologist, Birmingham, UK

"The first patient I fit with Serenade was a type A attorney who had sudden idiopathic bilateral high frequency tinnitus for 7 months with a concomitant bilateral high frequency SNHL. The ENT put him on Xanax and sleep medication, and he was fit with bilateral hearing aids. However, his tinnitus did not subside. The patient e-mailed us every day for a couple of months asking questions about his tinnitus and treatments he read about on-line. He could not concentrate during the day and could not sleep at night without sleeping pills. After being fit with the Serenade, he continued to e-mail for about a week. He indicated that the S-Tone was very relaxing and helped his tinnitus. I did not hear from him for the first timemore
in over two months, and finally e-mailed him after not hearing from him for over 10 days. He reported that his tinnitus had subsided substantially, and he was sleeping better and was able to concentrate better. Currently, his tinnitus has diminished in severity and is tolerable.

The second patient I saw was a Ph.D. researcher who had sudden idiopathic bilateral tinnitus that prevented her from concentrating during the day and sleeping at night for 6 months duration. She did not have hearing loss or any medical conditions. She was fit with Serenade and experienced immediate tinnitus relief in the office using the S-Tone. She indicated that the Serenade was relaxing and allowed her to sleep at night. She currently uses the Serenade almost daily, especially at night.

The third patient I saw was a gentleman with severe bilateral tinnitus for over a year. He reported in the office that if his tinnitus could not be cured, that life was not worth living. He was fit with Serenade, and a huge smile came to his face when the S-Tone was turned on. He said the the S-Tone was very soothing and relaxing, and much better than listening to his own tinnitus. He is doing well with Serenade and is on his way to habituation. I had him speak to a psychiatrist prior to leaving the office, and set up an appointment for him. However, he cancelled the appointment, saying he no longer felt suicidal.

G.F., Audiologist, Ph.D. , CA

"Around 2008 I had a really severe case of vertigo. I went to a physical therapist and he adjusted my balance. I got my balance back but I started getting tinnitus once in a while and in the last few years it's been constant. I'm healthy, my BP is low; I only have ringing in my ears. My tinnitus is a high pitched mechanical ringing sound.more

When I read, write, quilt or sew # a lot of quiet activity - I would hear the tinnitus. I was finding that I had to put music on all the time to drown out the ringing. Then I couldn't concentrate on some of these activities - especially writing - while the music was on. My concentration was very affected by the tinnitus. Even outside if I wanted to sit quietly on the patio I couldn't get that at all. When I'd go to bed it was the absolute worst. The tinnitus would keep me awake. I was always turning on the news or the Daily Show because that was like putting on music during the day. I'd try to sleep w/the TV on in the background.

When I tried Serenade and I took out the earplugs I didn't hear the tinnitus at all. My ears weren't ringing. I have found that when I use Serenade it doesn't totally take the ringing away but it kicks down the tinnitus to like a 2 (on a scale of 1-10). I hear it like background noise. Kind of like my tropical fish tank. I was skeptical. But I was really surprised in a good way. I use Serenade daily, mostly at night. I listen to 4 different tones - 2 ringing tones. If I want to go to sleep I'll put the ear plugs in and I can go to sleep within 5-10 minutes. It really has worked. I don't understand how ears work but it's fascinating how Serenade works. It's like I've turned the volume down on my tinnitus."

J.G., Patient

I fit my patient two weeks ago and she is doing great. She is using it every day and is glad she finally found something that works.”

K.R., Audiologist, FL

“As both an audiologist and someone who has tinnitus, I was very interested to see how the Serenade device worked. For me, I am most bothered by my tinnitus when I am trying to concentrate in quiet environments. I have found that the SoundCure Serenade device quiets my tinnitus, relaxes me, and allows me to focus on reading and other activities that were difficult to do before. I have even noticed a difference when I am not using the device.”

J.G., Audiologist, MN

"Today I saw a patient for follow-up and he loves his Serenade. His THI (Tinnitus Handicap Inventory) has dropped from a 54 to a 20 and his TRQ (Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire) has gone from 41 to 11. He reports that the tonal part of his tinnitus is gone and he can only hear the background hissing part of it. He had previously used another tinnitus treatment program for the past two years with no real benefit. This is the third patient that I have that is doing well with Serenade."

C.S., Audiologist, FL

“The VA has gotten so much better at helping vets and I am glad there are companies like YOURS helping the VA help VETS. God bless you all!!!”

W.H., Patient

"My tinnitus patients have been very happy with the results they are receiving from their Serenade sound therapy devices. My first Serenade patient reported immediate relief due to a reduction in his tinnitus, and found after only two weeks he could cut down from treatment twice a day to once a day. He also reported that his inability to concentrate due to his tinnitus is now gone since he started his more
sound therapy treatment. During their follow up visits several of my tinnitus patients have mentioned they now understand what it means to "set it & forget it" when using their sound therapy device. They no longer are hyper-monitoring and are feeling more relaxed and less stressed by their tinnitus.

One of my patients with particularly difficult tinnitus reports she finds the sound therapy much more tolerable than her tinnitus and has found relief from the jaw clenching she experienced as a result of her tinnitus."

P.B., Audiologist, CA

After using SoundCure Serenade for 4 weeks, I find the volume of my tinnitus reduced most of the time, and have noticed a decrease in the frequency of the bad times. It takes a commitment to being faithful in its use, but I look forward to taking control even more.”

Patient, NC

Within the first couple of weeks of using the SoundCure device I saw a significant drop in the tinnitus volume in my left ear, for which I was grateful.”

P.C., Patient, CA

My first patient is very pleased with results she is getting from Serenade. After the first 2 weeks, she was skeptical, but upon my advice she kept using the device and tried listening to some of the other tracks. She came in today very, very happy. She notes her tinnitus is much less bothersome. She has decreased TRQ from 29 to 16.She primarily uses Tracks 2 and 3.”

R.P., Audiologist, NC

"I've been working with tinnitus patients for about a year. The gentleman I recently fit with Serenade was about 50. He was surprised at how involved the testing and evaluation is, this gave him confidence in the approach. I presented him with different treatment options, and he chose Serenade. He did not want anything with music, and said he would never listen to that. He also did not want a hearing aid. About Serenade more
he said, 'This has white ear phones, just like an iPod.' He also liked that he could change the volume in the left and the right ear separately, he was impressed with that. He was very receptive overall, and for me as an audiologist, this was great to see."

L.R., Audiologist, TX

“I recently spoke with my very first Serenade patient and he couldn't have been more ecstatic. He has been searching for tinnitus relief for years and reluctantly decided to give SoundCure a chance. He happily reported to me that he has finally found "success at last!" For the first time in years, he is sleeping better through the night, waking to "the sounds of silence", and maintaining control over his tinnitus. I look forward to experiencing many more tinnitus successes with my patients. Thank you SoundCure.”

D.H., Audiologist,, PA

"One of my recent fittings involved a 20 year-old male with mild autism who paid more than your typical share of attention to his hearing and his ears. A music lover, he was convinced he damaged his hearing listening to headphones as a teen, and he had become highly "tuned in" to his tinnitus. He likes to control his environment, and most tinnitus patients seem to complain of a lack of control over their tinnitus. more
The patient initially rejected the Serenade device, as it sounded somewhat like his tinnitus. However, after a thorough counseling session, where I listened carefully to his impressions and made some recommendations, he ultimately settled comfortably on one particular program setting, and feels he can now exert control over what he hears. And that sense of control is what so many tinnitus sufferers lack and want."

R.D., Audiologist, NY

My first Serenade patient reports that she uses Serenade primarily at bedtime, and that she has not slept this well in 20 years.”

C.T., Audiologist, CA

Thank you so much for all the continued research to bring relief to tinnitus sufferers. My tinnitus loves the Serenade “S” Tones in both Tracks 1 and 2. My tinnitus has a high pitch and an electronic sound ever so slightly in the background. This characteristic sound I have responds even better to Track 2 at bedtime. During my busy work day, Track 1 is better and more easily responsive. Keep up the good work and I love my Serenade!”

K.C., Patient, TX

My experience as a SoundCure Certified Provider has been excellent and has exceeded my expectations. The device itself is easy to program in a short amount of time and it is easy to use. The patients I have fit thus far have found relief from their tinnitus using the device. One patient in particular was a difficult case in that he had a profound loss in the ear where he was experiencing his tinnitus. We played the S-Tone contralaterally and in doing so he experienced some relief from his tinnitus while in my office. I'm very glad to have the Serenade device to offer my patients.”

L.J., Audiologist, IL

"Our experience with SoundCure Serenade so far has been great. We have seen many people successfully manage their tinnitus symptoms. In particular we had one gentleman who came in highly distressed and anxious. He was skeptical if the product would work as he has tried everything possible. His tinnitus kept him from working. It caused him to be impatient with his family and he was so agitated. We more
convinced him trying it was the best thing to do. We fit him and he left with his wife, wearing the device. He came back after 2 weeks and was doing fairly well. He used the device 12-14 hours a day. Even then he said he wasn't sure if it was working. At his 2 month appointment he was a whole different person. He was relaxed, joking and laughing. His wife said he was much calmer and more peaceful. He was working again and enjoying life. One month later he was in and said he has his life back. Watching this transition in his life was amazing."

L.D., Audiologist, WA

The onset of my tinnitus was not a happy event. In February I began to use the Serenade device. I especially like to use it on long drives or plane flights, or just prior to sleep. I like two things about the device. One is the temporary break it gives you from the tinnitus as you are listening to it. The other is the reduction in the effects, or at least the irritation of tinnitus if you use it over time. I have recently not been able to use it as much and I miss this second quality. Serenade gives me a nice break from the conditions and hope for the future. Thanks for giving me a chance to share. Love the Serenade!”

V.F., Patient, CA

“I find the SoundCure Serenade helpful - for example I am listening right now, after a bad day with the unpredictable tinnitus. I do get relief while I am listening, and it is the only device that has helped me at all.”

Roger, Patient, PA

As a Certified Tinnitus Practitioner, my treatments require a series of tools that are specifically chosen to aid in effective management and, for many, habituation of this annoying internal signal. Most importantly, it is just not tailored music or sound with an active therapy program, but a signal that treats the brain's processing activity. With Serenade from SoundCure, I know that I have chosen a device that can help the patient early on in the process to acquire relief, that is specifically tailored for their individual tinnitus needs, has a useful sleep mode, and is easy to use. As part of a tinnitus program, Serenade is an excellent tool.”

D.C., Audiologist, CA

The first patient we worked with using the Serenade has elected to keep the device and it’s helping him quite a bit. I’ll be curious to see what his long-term outcome is, but the short-term is certainly good.”

T.G., Audiologist, PA

My tinnitus varies and is from hearing loss. Stress and being tired brings my tinnitus on more, so the Serenade is a good way to take a vacation from it for a while and then later I notice it is not so bothersome. I use it when the tinnitus really bothers me, usually later in the day when I am tired and then it really helps me relax and later on it does not bother me. I am an early user and am experimenting with the different sounds and levels. I tend to like the [S-Tone] sound number 2. Just having Serenade is something of a psychological help. I find that I put it on, put the device in my pocket and then go about stuff and simply forget about the tinnitus.”

J. B., Patient, PA

My patient is, overall, very pleased with the treatment. He uses it from 1 to 4 hours during the weekdays, mostly in the morning time when it's most bothersome. He finds the broadband noise setting most soothing, but the S-Tones seem to have a more positive effect on his tinnitus perception.”

K.E., Audiologist, CA

I have enjoyed using the SoundCure Serenade system so far. The new tools have been incredibly helpful and have made for a much smoother appointment and have allowed me to be much more confident in the help I can offer to my patients. I have fit a few patients so far and they have found the Serenade easy to use and helpful for managing their tinnitus. I am hopeful this will lead to a long-term solution for my patients.”

A.T., Audiologist, CA

I just fit my first Serenade patient, a gentleman in his 60's who has tinnitus that is worse in one ear than the other. He had tried everything - acupuncture, herbal remedies, etc. He listened to the different tracks and found one that he really liked. He was almost in tears, and said that this is the best relief he has had from his tinnitus in 20 years.”

S.H., Audiologist, TX