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about tinnitus

Tinnitus can be treatable and for many, an improved quality
of life is available. SoundCure believes that tinnitus can
almost always be treated and its symptoms improved in
important ways.

A Heterogeneous Condition

Tinnitus is a condition in which a person perceives sound that is not actually present in the environment. It is often described as "ringing in the ears" but can include virtually any type of sound including whooshing, hissing, or whistling.

There are many possible causes for tinnitus but most cases are related to damage to the auditory system. This may or may not include subjective hearing loss. Often a single event or a condition unrelated to the hearing system may seem to trigger tinnitus.

Many ENT physicians have experience with appropriate tinnitus treatment or collaborate with audiologists. Those who do not may conclude that there is not much that can be done for the tinnitus patient, who "just has to live with it." However, a trained audiologist can determine the source of the tinnitus and the most appropriate course of treatment. Tinnitus is a heterogeneous condition, and a "one size fits all" approach is often inadequate.

The SoundCure Serenade® is an easy, direct approach to tinnitus that can seamlessly be integrated into your current practice. Sound therapy has been shown to be an effective tool in the treatment of tinnitus, but has historically been a fairly rigid treatment protocol and rarely with customization to the patient. The SoundCure Serenade changes that by providing a flexible, customized approach to treat your patients’ tinnitus in the most meaningful way possible.